Bit Blaster for iPhone

Starting porting it to iPhone.

Screenshot 2013.01.26 12.24.16


Bit Fighter

Bit Fighter is coming along nicely:

This is what the main menu looks like so far! I’ll continue posting updates as time goes on.

App Update

Hi everyone,

In an attempt to keep this thing alive, I am going to talk about what’s going on with my apps.

Doodle OMG has been completely rewritten. It now contains no lag (or at least very small amounts), offline storage of scores and achievements for later use, and a faster, smoother user interface. Along with this, the file size of the app is greatly reduced. It is now a mere four megabytes. It used to be around 20mb I think. General enhancements have also been implemented, most of them taking advantage of new iOS 5 features. The game will still function properly even if you don’t have iOS 5.  Doodle OMG is currently being tested for bugs but will most likely be released soon.

The future:  In the next update, you will probably see multiplayer over Bluetooth and wifi (game center), as well as optional statistics data logging that will allow us to view the gameplay of players. It will let us know if most of the deaths caused were from ninja stars or that everybody dies at stage three. These statistics will help us make the game harder or easier where it needs to be, eventually (hopefully) leading to a more fair yet challenging game. Completely offline leader boards will also hopefully get implemented by then too.

The Present: 20 promo codes will be given out one of these days, so check back frequently to get a free copy of Doodle OMG.

Bit Fighter is a new, upcoming game that we have been working on. In this game, you are a pixelated little plane that must survive increasingly difficult waves of other pixelated planes, ships, bosses, and other enemies. You will be able to pick up power ups dropped from destroyed enemies as well as purchase “gadgets” that will greatly increase your chances of survival. These gadgets will be purchased with an in-game currency acquired by playing the game. There is a chance that you will be able to purchase more of this in-game currency through in-app purchases, but I am not a big fan of those, so we will see. Bit Fighter will of course feature game center managed leader boards and achievements. Due to Bit Fighter’s superior complexity to Doodle OMG, far more achievements can be implemented which will hopefully lead to more motivating gameplay. The aspect that I am most excited about though is multiplayer. We have planned to implement head to head multiplayer matches in which two or more players go head to head in a dogfight to the death! We also plan to include a multiplayer survival match where you work to keep not only yourself, but also your partner(s) alive by reviving them with your points received from blowing things up. Multiplayer will hopefully be available on Bluetooth as well as wifi (game center).

The Future: It is unknown when exactly Bit Fighter will be released, but it is hoped to be finished by the end of the summer. It will be free for the first 24 hours, and after that, it will cost $0.99. Promo codes will most likely be given out early to reviewers.

The Present: Bit Fighter is in pretty early stages of development and I will probably post updates on it, along with development tips that I have discovered along the way.

RPG/Adventure Game is something that I just randomly thought of while I probably should have been sleeping. That’s not the real name, but I don’t actually have a real name thought of yet, so that is what it shall be called until then. It is going to be a Zelda-esque RPG in which you (the character) wander around a massive world looting dungeons, caves, and castles, fulfilling quests, and defeating mighty monsters. (or burning down the local villages).  And when I say a “massive world”, I mean massive. I plan to make the maps completely procedural and nearly infinite so it will take a while to become boring.  Everything from the biomes to the locations of castles and caves will be randomly generated which will give players a new adventure every time they start a new game. A dynamic and random quest system will also be implemented.

I have no idea if this thing is going to get completed and become an actual game on the app store, but if it did, that would be awesome. I would also like your input on this game as well.

Anyways, there you go. Updates on all my games. I hope I can keep this blog going even longer 😛 Also, check out Apples-Genius as well as King Caesar Games.

AllTheWay Apps.

Networking Engine

Yesterday I made a good amount of progress on the networking engine, as well as the server software.  Here’s a little snapshot of the server code:

Now, a word about how multiplayer is going to work: There is going to be the simple software that you will have to download, which is the server.  Much like Minecraft, you will be able to host your own servers!  Multiplayer will also be intertwined with Apple’s GameCenter!

In other words, I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to make a simple server in python later. It will show how I am making my server (but simpler of course!)

Thats all for now, thanks, and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Getting up to speed

I decided to kick this blog off by showing everyone where I am in the development stage of the mining/building game I am making. I have to warn you though, the games currently not pretty. I have a ton of work to do still, so don’t judge it too much as of now. So far, I have a nice little tile based map that randomly generates every time. I also took a stab at procedural trees to populate the landscape. (They need a lot of work 😉 ). Finally, began the development of the player, which is coming along nicely. Heres a current screenshot zoomed out to about 60%.

Now, the graphics you see here aren’t going to be in the actual game, I simply made those in about two minutes for the purpose of testing. Next, here is a picture of the current map zoomed out to 10%.

Some things that need to be changed, based off of this picture,

– less dense rock layer


– Less derpy trees

-Etc, etc, etc…

Hope that got you all up to speed! I’ll see ya tomorrow. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, etc, below!