Sky Hawks Featured

Today Sky Hawks was featured on as their 2013 Reader’s App Awards most addicting game! This was unexpected and I am both extremely proud and thankful. It is an honor to have my game place in this contest and Sky Hawks was made possible by the incredibly helpful tutorials and forums found on that site. So thank you, You just inspired me to continue down this crazy road of game development.

2013 Readers App Awards: Readers App Awards


(Expect an update for Sky Hawks soon)


Sky Hawks Released

About a week ago, Sky Hawks (formerly known as Bit Blaster) was released onto the Apple AppStore. It looks completely different than the screenshots posted on here earlier and I would greatly appreciate it if you would check it out 🙂

You can view it here: Sky Hawks

Thanks to everyone who provided support along the way!

Bit Blaster for iPhone

Starting porting it to iPhone.

Screenshot 2013.01.26 12.24.16

Something I made.


Getting close

Bit Fighter is getting closer to becoming a real game!


Doodle OMG 2.0

Doodle OMG 2.0 has just gone live on the Apple App Store! Download it today for a drastically optimized game and a new sound track.

Get it here.

Change log:

Immensely optimized! The game runs far smoother than it did. There is no more lag as your progress farther in the game. 

Fixed most of the bugs. There should be (hopefully) little to no crashes and the game should behave as would be expected. 

New background music by Jake O’Connor! 

Simpler, smoother interface.

Hope you enjoy the new update, and as always, contact us with suggestions and bugs to make the game better.

Bit Fighter

Bit Fighter is coming along nicely:

This is what the main menu looks like so far! I’ll continue posting updates as time goes on.