Getting up to speed

I decided to kick this blog off by showing everyone where I am in the development stage of the mining/building game I am making. I have to warn you though, the games currently not pretty. I have a ton of work to do still, so don’t judge it too much as of now. So far, I have a nice little tile based map that randomly generates every time. I also took a stab at procedural trees to populate the landscape. (They need a lot of work šŸ˜‰ ). Finally, began the development of the player, which is coming along nicely. Heres a current screenshot zoomed out to about 60%.

Now, the graphics you see here aren’t going to be in the actual game, I simply made those in about two minutes for the purpose of testing. Next, here is a picture of the current map zoomed out to 10%.

Some things that need to be changed, based off of this picture,

– less dense rock layer


– Less derpy trees

-Etc, etc, etc…

Hope that got you all up to speed! I’ll see ya tomorrow. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, etc, below!



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